What goes on here at Trilobite Pictures? What do you do?

Since 2000, Trilobite Pictures has been in the business of storytelling for the screen. Not only have we had our in-house short films play around the world in over a dozen cities and six countries and gather a nice bundle of awards and been lucky enough to be released commercially on DVD for our trouble, but we've also got experience creating opening title sequences for feature-length and short-form films; editing for film (other people's, not just our own); 3D character animation; 3D visual effect animation; and puppetry of various kinds. Drama, horror, parody, documentary, experimental, feature-length and short subject.
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But just what in the name of Fats Waller is a trilobite?

Trilobites were hard-shelled, segmented critters that existed over 300 million years ago in the Earth's ancient seas. They went extinct long before dinosaurs even existed, and are one of the key signature creatures of the Paleozoic Era, the first era to exhibit a proliferation of the complex life-forms that established the foundation of life as it is today. Neat, huh?

If that's not enough for you, click on over to Sam Gon III's Guide to the Orders of Trilobites, an incredibly in-depth site devoted to understanding trilobites.

Yeah, okay. But why the name? Why 'Trilobite Pictures'?

Okay, I can't lie to you, We picked the name because it sounded really cool.

Hey, while you're here... check out these trilobite cookies, courtesy of Prof. George W. Hart. Mmm... delish!

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